Big changes lie ahead for google analytic's new tracking solution, GA4

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If your website is currently using Google Analytics, it’s likely on an outdated UA property.
World Synergy’s Marketing Team now has Google Analytics-certified members who are eager to assist you in your transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). World Synergy has already begun transferring clients over to GA4 and educating business owners and professionals on the new platform.

GA4 gives you the flexibility to measure many kinds of user data, delivering a strong analytics experience that’s designed for the future. It allows businesses to see unified user journeys across their websites and apps, using Google's machine learning technology to bridge gaps in their data with modeled insights and predictive capabilities that they can use to get better results and grow their business.

What are the benefits of GA4 for your business?

  • Understand your customer journey across all touchpoints
  • Use data-driven attribution to improve your company’s ROI
  • Allows you to cut out less efficient avenues of marketing and reduce potential customer drop-off
  • Ensures compliance while measuring prospect engagement and conversions
  • A system that fits your growing business needs – designed to expand up to the enterprise level, data governance, give access to multiple teams and exterior agencies
We recommend you begin collecting data in GA4 as soon as possible to build the necessary historical data before UA sunsets.

Please contact us to make the switch from UA, or to simply learn more about GA4.