Best eCommerce Platforms: Magento vs. BigCommerce SaaS Platforms

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At World Synergy, we have developed websites in both BigCommerce and Magento, two powerful eCommerce sites in their own right. They're both considered two of the best eCommerce platforms around. However, our BigCommerce clients enjoy a variety of benefits that Magento users do not. Learn four key reasons why you should consider BigCommerce SaaS platforms over Magento.


SaaS Platforms Offer Lower Cost of Ownership

E-commerce platforms built in Magento are heavily dependent on developers and designers. This means that they require a high cost of maintenance, support, and development. Meanwhile, user-friendly SaaS platforms like BigCommerce require fewer hours spent on coding and security. Software as a Service, or SaaS platforms offer an "on-demand software" model on a centrally-hosted subscription basis.


The Best E-commerce Platforms Offer Unrestricted Flexibility

Unlike Magento eCommerce sites, BigCommerce offers an extensive library of prebuilt integrations. These integrations enable industry-leading innovation while reducing time and resources required for implementing various technologies. This is unlike Magento's eCommerce platform which offers a limited number of themes, none of which are free. There is also no theme editor and no native abandoned cart saver within Magento eCommerce sites.


E-commerce Sites Should Be Built for Growth

BigCommerce’s SaaS platform drives top-line growth with advanced merchandising tools. It offers a one-page checkout optimized for conversion and a fully-customizable theming engine. Plus, BigCommerce users enjoy personalized onboarding materials, re-platforming assistance, and best-in-class support. These helpful features make BigCommerce one of the best eCommerce platforms available!


Leading Uptime for eCommerce Platforms

Thanks to BigCommerce's SaaS platform, users benefit from a fast page load speed, which benefits the Search Engine Optimization of each of the eCommerce sites. Additionally, BigCommerce offers enhanced site security with built-in, real-time fraud protection, unlike Magento. With BigCommerce's SaaS platform, the responsibilities of uptime, security, bug fixes, and patches no longer belong to you, unlike Magento.


Plan your Roadmap to Success with Powerful E-commerce Sites

Let's discuss setting your eCommerce sites up for success in BigCommerce. After considering the benefits of the best eCommerce platforms above, you'll understand why BigCommerce can help you surpass your goals. Contact us now to begin!