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Magento Commerce 1 Support Will End June 2020.

Magento has announced that they will no longer provide software support for the Magento Commerce 1 and Magento Open Source 1 software after June of 2020. If you are currently utilizing Magento 1 software, we recommend starting a plan to upgrade to Magento 2.

What’s the difference?
Making a change in software that is so important to the success of your business is an undertaking, but we are here to help the transition run smoothly. The new Magento 2 software brings with it a variety of benefits to help improve the ecommerce capabilities of your website. Here are the top five improvements you can expect to see after making the switch:

  1. Faster webpage loading speed
  2. A more responsive platform for mobile users
  3. New capabilities for bug fixes to resolve issues faster
  4. User-friendly and intuitive admin panel
  5. More native features that improve website responsiveness and performance

What if I don’t switch?
If you do not choose to upgrade to Magento 2, software support such as quality fixes and security patches for your website will only be available through June of 2020. After that date, your website may be vulnerable to threats or performance issues. To read more about the support changes, visit the Magento blog.

What do I need to do today?
Today is the day to get the process started! Our team is here to help with the transition to Magento 2. Contact us to talk more about the software and start planning the upgrade for your business.