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Phishing attacks often follow major events.

Following the royal wedding and this week’s implementation of GDPR, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, there are sophisticated phishing scams targeting people just like you.


Threat #1: Apple Users Beware

This threat targets Apple users. In an email that appears as though it has come from Apple, a message threatens you with account suspension and claims that if you do not take action, your account will be “restricted”. The email will claim that Apple is proactively preparing to better protect your data, and include a link that will take you to a legitimate-looking (but bogus) Apple site, prompting you to update payment details, credentials, and more personal information.

What You Should Do: If you receive this email, DO NOT click on the link to the fake Apple website. If you do, definitely DO NOT fill out any forms prompting you for personal information on the site. Delete the email from your inbox.


Threat #2: Watch Out for Royal Wedding and GDPR Links

This weekend’s royal wedding is a hackers dream. Wedding fever has taken over the net and a variety of scams and attempts to steal personal information are out there. For example, there are quizzes online that claim they will generate your “Royal Wedding Guest Name” and then want your mother or father’s middle name, pet names, street you live on, and the like.

What You Should Do: DO NOT click on links in emails and social media links related to the royal wedding or open suspicious attachments that claim any kind of problem with “GDPR”. Ignore these on social media and delete any emails that are sent to your inbox.


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