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Epicor Prophet 21 Integration: a Leading Enterprise Software Solution for Wholesale Distribution

If you are a Wholesale Distributor looking to integrate a new eCommerce ERP software system to run your warehouse, an Epicor Prophet 21 integration with your eCommerce platform might be a perfect solution.

A Prophet 21 integration offers you a full suite of order management, supply chain, and warehousing capabilities, all built within a single business platform. A Prophet 21 integration provides you with a complete enterprise software solution that takes your business from order entry to the warehouse, from financial management to purchasing, and ties everything together with comprehensive inventory management functionality that keeps your business running smoothly and effectively.


Designed for Distribution

Prophet 21 is designed specifically to meet the wants and needs of the Distribution industry. In today’s ever-changing supply-chain, your organization demands a dynamic solution that is fit to scale with your warehouse.

Prophet 21 is uniquely positioned to manage the requirements of multiple distribution industries, including Electrical, Fasteners, Fluid Power, Industrial, Medical Supplies, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, and many more. Support your company’s growth with rapid implementation and easy expansion, no matter the size or diversity of your supply chain with Prophet 21.


Prophet 21 Integration Capabilities

Epicor Prophet 21’s platform offers a complete value chain solution that meets both supply and demand sides of the business, backed by deep industry knowledge, flexible solutions, continuous innovation, and customer-focused service and support.

Financial Management
Prophet 21 keeps your business proactive by providing a real-time general ledger and real-time financial statements. As a result, you have a better handle on your company’s financial situation as business is transacted.

Customer Relationship Management
The software covers the full spectrum of sales with a robust CRM offering. Prophet 21 includes basic CRM functions like contact management and opportunity tracking but also includes a 360-degree view of the customer, sales master inquiry functions, and customer buying trend analysis.

Order Management
Prophet 21 enables you to complete the entire order entry process from one screen. No matter how your orders are placed (over the counter, on a desktop, etc.), the order information goes directly into your Prophet 21 solution for faster processing, which eliminates re-keying errors.

Inventory Management
A Prophet 21 integration enables you to balance your customer service needs while maximizing your ROI by increasing inventory turns and reducing your inventory investment. Dynamic inventory replenishment methods give you the flexibility to lower carrying costs, minimize excess or obsolete inventory, improve cash flow, and enhance customer service.

Purchase Management
Prophet 21 centralizes the purchasing process, in turn enabling you to optimize buying power and inventory levels. Increase customer service levels in relation to costs by adjusting your processes to meet your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Warehouse Management
Prophet 21 warehouse management tools provide flexible, real-time control and efficiency, from receiving through shipping. Business transactions affecting the warehouse are automatically generated and processed without rekeying information. Therefore, saving time and reducing errors.


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