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Microsoft has announced plans to integrate two popular communications platforms, Skype for Business and Teams. While there is no shutdown date for Skype for Business currently, it is still a good idea to move your operation to Microsoft Teams. To help you move through this process, we’ve outlined the top FAQs from Microsoft regarding this integration.

1. Why combine Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft users are working more and more in team environments. To help increase efficiencies for these users, Microsoft will seamlessly integrate communication capabilities into Teams so users can have a single place for their conversations, contacts, and content. Teams also helps to create new experiences for meetings and calling, including preparation, delivery, and follow-up.

2. Is there a firm deadline for moving to Teams?

There is not currently a deadline date to move your operation to Microsoft Teams. In fact, if you’re curious but not quite ready to make the full switch, you can use the two systems side by side. To learn more, read the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business coexistence and interoperability information.

3. What if I am using a Skype for Business server?

If you are currently on a Skype for Business server, Microsoft encourages you to adopt Teams in conjunction with Skype for Business. This will help your organization drive teamwork and collaboration as well as integration with other productivity apps. The latest version of Skype for Business Server 2019 was released in October 2018.

4. What will happen to the Skype brand?

Microsoft reports that, “We remain committed to the overall Skype brand, which represents a family of communications capabilities across our consumer and commercial segments. Skype remains the product name for our consumer offer and Skype for Business remains as the product name for the on-premises server”. The Skype brand will also be present through voice and video experiences within Teams.

5. Will investments be made to continue improving Skype for Business Online?

While Teams is the primary focus for Microsoft intelligent communication and collaborations, Microsoft plans to continue to support the Skype for Business service and clients in Office 365. At this time, new Office 365 customers with fewer than 500 seats will be automatically onboarded into Teams and will not have access to Skype for Business. Those who are already using Skype for Business online will be able to continue to do so until successfully switching to Teams.

To read the full list of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business FAQs, visit the Microsoft website.

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Information in this post gathered from Microsoft.