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This month WordPress launched its latest version, WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”.

WordPress 5.0 features Gutenberg, a new editor designed to streamline the process of building a website and open developers up to a world of new possibilities.


Gutenberg At a Glance

Gutenberg is a block-based editor that allows you to build content on your site precisely and cleanly. With the block concept, you can determine what every part of your content is and how it should look on the front end of your website. Each block you create can have its own layout and settings, plus you can save them to use again on another page. You can create a block for almost anything, including:


  • Paragraphs
  • Lists
  • Quotes
  • Headings
  • Code and shortcodes
  • Images
  • Galleries
  • Columns
  • Buttons
  • Widgets
  • Embeds


Gutenberg’s reusable blocks are one of the most convenient updates that come along with WordPress 5.0. These blocks allow you to create a design and easily carry it over to all pages on your site. For example, if you want to have the same design for every blog post, you can save each block on the first post you create and re-use them for the next. When you start the second post, just go to Add Block -> Reusable and select your reusable block. No more need to go back and forth between posts to make sure they match. It’s all about giving you the power and control to make your website the best it can be. Check out this article from Yoast SEO to read more about the benefits of Gutenberg.


Should I Upgrade to WordPress 5.0?

The choice is up to you. WordPress 5.0 is available now, but the Classic Editor plugin will also still available through 2021. It all depends on how your website is laid out and your comfort level with maneuvering a new program. It is also important to note that some websites have experienced usability issues with the new block editor, while others have had great success.

If World Synergy is currently managing your website – you will soon be upgraded to WordPress 5.0. We will also automatically install the Classic Editor plugin on your site, so you can move to the new block editor whenever you are ready. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the upgrade or how it affects your website.


Questions About Upgrading?

Not sure if WordPress 5.0 is right for your website? We are here to help! Contact us today and let’s talk about how to take your website to the next level.