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There are new and exciting opportunities on the horizon for the World Synergy team! We are proud to announce the following accomplishments to our hard-working employees. We are so grateful for all that they do for our clients and company. That being said, there have been some exciting changes within our team.


Chief Solutions Officer

A client favorite, Steve Krisfalusy has been promoted to our Chief Solutions Officer. Before Steve held his current position, he was our Business Development Executive where he excelled. Since Steve has taken on his new role in January, he has discovered so many important aspects of leadership. One thing that has stood out to Steve the most is that being a part of the executive team has really helped him get a pulse on the overall strategy to help World Synergy grow.


Director of Marketing Solutions

We would like to recognize our new Director of Marketing Solutions Bryce Humbargar. Bryce accepted this position as of March 1st, 2022. He has been with World Synergy for the past 4 years. Bryce’s driven personality has launched him into this leadership position where we are confident he will thrive. From his old position as an account strategist to Director of Marketing Solutions, help us celebrate Bryce.


Director of Technology Solutions

We're proud to announce John Scott as our new Director of Technology Solutions. John, who has been with World Synergy for over seven years, started his career as a Technology Help Desk representative. After his many years of success, John was promoted to Project Manager where he continued to thrive. His new promotion will allow him to continue his straightforward approach to managing a team and exceeding customer expectations.


Strategic Growth Analyst

Emily Pallay, a former client and Director of Customer Service for Duracote, based out of Ravenna, Ohio. Emily has taken the position of Strategic Growth Analyst where she will be managing Technology clients and helping them develop a roadmap to a successful future. Emily looks forward to meeting with clients and learning more about their individual business needs.


Thank You

While everyone is still getting settled into their new roles, we are certain these new responsibilities will benefit World Synergy. We are thrilled to announce these transitions to you, our supporters. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge our staff transformations, we appreciate everything you do.