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A responsive website design that is compatible with mobile devices is more important than ever.

Mobile devices have become the norm in recent years, forever changing the way people communicate, businesses sell, and technology accelerates. For businesses, this means that having a responsive website design that is compatible with mobile devices is more important than ever.
The number of mobile device users rises every day, which, for businesses, means a larger audience to reach with a mobile-friendly website to showcase, market and sell products and services. As users become more and more accustomed to using smartphones, having a mobile website (also known as responsive design) for your business gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers and engage them enough to encourage them to repeatedly visit and purchase items.
Here are 5 reasons to take your website mobile with a responsive website design:

1. Mobile is Where Your Customers Are – and It’s What They Expect.
A poor mobile presence can make your organization look unprofessional and out of touch with the modern consumer. Consumers now expect a seamless experience and brand consistency when accessing your website online with smartphones, and a responsive website design does just that.
With mobile device usage accounting for roughly 50% of all web page views worldwide, users are used to turning to their devices to conduct online searches. In fact, studies show:

Your website is an extension of your brand – and often, the first touch-point your consumers have with your business. Having a responsive website design is the first step you can take to engage your audience and cater to their expectations.

2. Responsive Websites Provide a Flexible and Consistent User Experience
Responsive website design revises your standard website to have your layout respond accordingly to the type of device on which the site is viewed, from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers. Responsive websites customize and personalize the end-user experience, in turn, enticing customers to click through your website with ease and efficiency.
A responsive site means no more pinching and zooming, and no more side-scrolling, to see an entire site that doesn’t fit on a mobile screen. A better user experience reduces bounce rates, boosts website conversions and improves brand perception.

3. Mobile Websites Drive Sales
When your website is responsive, you are providing your users with an easy-to-use platform to learn more about your services and purchase products while they are on the go. This means you have the opportunity to reach them anywhere, at any time. In 2017, about 50% of mobile shoppers turned to smartphones or tablets for purchasing products because of convenience, and 46% opted for a mobile platform to save time.
Studies show that mobile users buy more than people who primarily use desktop computers. Mobile devices give people the power to be informed consumers who can use their phones to instantly read product reviews and compare brands, which removes second-guessing. Global mobile commerce revenue is forecast to increase from just over 170 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to nearly 694 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 – and there are no signs of spending slowing down.

4. Google Favors Responsive Websites
Back in 2015, Google announced new algorithms that favor responsive websites. Now, mobile-friendly websites rank higher in search results in efforts for Google to provide relevant, high-quality search results that are optimized for all user devices.
This means that your website has a good chance of being displayed earlier and more often in Google’s search engine results if it loads faster, looks better resolution-wise, and is also easier to navigate on the user’s mobile device.

5. Responsive Websites Provide Easy Call-to-Actions
A mobile-friendly website gives your customers easy access to information on your organization right from their phone. You can include all details regarding your business on your website, giving your visitors easy access to your office or shop address, contact numbers, directions, maps and so on.
Additionally, you can make use of typically mobile-specific features such as location and click-to-call to your advantage. These details enable them to contact you with ease, without having to wait to get more details or to find a place that gives them access to the Internet. Large call-to-action buttons on your website allow users to contact you right from their phone – which, in turn, helps to grow leads and nurture sales.

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