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The Internet of Things (The IoT) is shaping the future of technology – and your business.


What is The IoT?iot security

The Internet of Things is the inter-networking of physical devices (electronics, vehicles, buildings, etc.) that are embedded with software and network connectivity, allowing objects to interact and exchange data. Which, in turn, creates opportunities for direct integration between the physical world and computer-based systems.


Why Your Business Should Care

While the IoT is expected to advance connectivity of devices, systems, and services that will enhance the productivity and processes of many organizations, the IoT also poises threats to the security of your computer network.

Generally, an IoT-enabled network has “edge devices” (sensors, adaptors, or beacons) that create a gateway to communication between a device and the back-end server (in the cloud, or on site). These IoT access points are waiting outlets for viruses and hackers to take advantage of, as the entry paths into systems becomes more robust and data becomes more valuable.


How to Protect Your Network

Edge devices, communication gateways, and back-end servers require security certificates, data encryption, code hardening, and network security to keep your organization safe from network viruses and hackers.

As the IoT continues to advance, begin preparing for the future before it is too late.

World Synergy is here to be your Network Security Expert to make sure your organization is safe amidst all of the changes taking place.

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